The Elephant in the OR

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Confront Excess Costs

If the high costs of orthopedic implants are getting in the way of business, it’s time to deal with the elephant in the room.

With the rise of value-based performance models, hospitals and health systems are exploring new ways to reduce costs without sacrificing quality, particularly in the operating room (OR). Budgets are already stretched and hospitals are faced with a host of other major cost challenges, such as:

  • Supply chain excess
  • Physician preference items
  • Demand for new technologies and treatments
  • Consolidation

Physician preference items (PPI) – which include implantable hips, knees and more – are packaged with “hidden” costs and account for 60% of hospital spend. However, success requires hospitals and surgeons to be clinically, financially and operationally aligned.1

Many hospitals are turning to new business models that challenge the status quo, allowing them to share in savings and take ownership of supply chain management.

Implant Partners has re-engineered the implant-delivery process. The result: Implant costs are reduced by 40 to 70%, enabling hospitals to take charge of their budgets and procurement processes, all while maintaining the highest standards with quality products.

Say goodbye to the elephant in the OR. Move to a leaner, better way of doing business to thrive in the new healthcare economy.