Implant Systems for Hips and Knees

Implant Partners™ is committed to providing high-quality products manufactured with clinically-proven designs and advanced materials.

Primary Hip Portfolio

The design rationales for our products represent the top-selling hip stems from the world’s leading orthopedic companies. Our systems feature proven stem geometrics and include a complete versatile succession plan available through MicroPort Orthopedics.

We offer a single geometry, hemispherical titanium acetabular cup with sintered beads that is paired with 7.5 Mrad highly cross-linked poly liners. These liners are available in 28, 32 and 36mm options, along with progressive liners up to 46mm heads upon request.


  • Metal-on-cross-linked poly 
  • Fixed-neck stems
  • Plasma-coated or grit-blasted stems
  • Cross-linked poly liners
  • Press-fit porous coated cup
  • Intuitive bipolar hip fracture system with cross-linked bearing surface


The Z hip system is Zweymuller-style dual-tapered with angular cross-sectional stem geometry, backed by more than 30 years of successful clinical history. Z stems utilize a simple broach-only technique.

Download the Z hip system surgical technique








The TL hip system is flat-tapered  with wedge geometry. The bone-conserving design of the flat-tapered wedge stem offers ease of insertion and proven rotational stability. This stem philosophy is backed by nearly 25 years of documented successful clinical outcomes.

Download the TL hip system surgical technique






Primary Knee Portfolio

Our products are designed to replicate normal knee motion by bending, rotating and twisting—all with a high degree of stability and range of motion. Previous generations of this medial conforming design have a 96.9 percent survivorship at 10 years¹ and are backed by nearly 15 years of documented successful clinical outcomes. The primary knee portfolio includes a complete versatile succession plan available through MicroPort Orthopedics.


  • Traditional posterior stabilized design
  • Medial conforming design that is patient preferred:
    • More than conventional CR knee designs
    • More than mobile bearing knee designs
    • More than posterior stabilized knee designs
    • Equally with ACL- PCL designs2



The PS and CS Primary Knee systems build on the clinical history of the medial-conforming ball-in-socket design. These systems are designed to replicate the rotating, twisting, bending, flexion and stability found in a normal knee. 

Download the PS/CS surgical technique






Surgical Instrument Sets

Implant Partners has streamlined instrumentation to more closely follow the order of your procedure, and has also reduced the number of trays needed for typical primary knee and hip procedures—for a significant savings in sterilization and handling costs.

1. 20:0 Danish Knee Arthroplasty Register

2. Pritchett, J. “Patient Preferences in Knee Prostheses” Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery [Br] Vol. 86-B, 2004.