Implant Management Solutions

The implant market can be loaded with unnecessary costs. Implant Partners™ delivers the tools that enable hospitals and surgeons to remove excess, take back control of the OR and realize significant savings.

We offer high-quality, affordable medical implants that are manufactured with clinically-proven designs and advanced materials. Our systems accommodate different surgical philosophies and are backed by years of successful clinical outcomes. In addition, all our value-priced products include a complete versatile succession and revision plan available through MicroPort Orthopedics.

While we’re proud of our orthopedic products, we offer so much more than just quality implants alone. We also partner with hospitals and surgeons to bring advanced implant management solutions that make it easier to align clinical and business goals—and thrive in the new healthcare economy. Our change management services help hospitals transition to a leaner, better way of doing business. We help you:

  • Determine enterprise-wide goals
  • Identify opportunities to align hospital, surgeons and staff
  • Implement shared savings programs
  • Establish benchmarks, timeframes and next steps

Our six-step partner process enables you to reach your identified goals—whether they include removing sales reps from the OR, generating cost savings, improving margins, strengthening revenue cycle management or enhancing staff training. We help our partners navigate the best path forward for a win-win solution.