Partner Process

The Partner Process

Through our exclusive Partner Process, we provide a total solution for successful hospital/surgeon alignment, and the transition to a new supply chain model. We build solutions around your achievement plans, helping reach your identified goals—whether in cost savings, improved margins, enhanced revenue cycle management or improved staff training. We have a six-step plan that is designed to help our partners navigate the best path forward for a win-win solution:

partner process step 1

Qualify candidacy 

Because we provide primary hip and knee implants, we thoroughly evaluate a hospital’s specific patient category and procedural population to determine whether it’s a viable candidate for our business model.

Partner process step 2

Assess alignment

Once we determine our services are beneficial to a hospital, we assess current and anticipated needs, strategies, tactics and related organizational requirements for effective physician alignment.

partner process step 3

Create a success plan

Next, we develop a success plan to facilitate change, including: establishing a success team with delineated roles and responsibilities; laying out long-term goals and tactics for achieving efficiencies; and providing a road map for the right economic model to fit the organization’s needs.

partner process step 4

Evaluate products, models

We transition and empower OR staff to perform the traditional functions of a manufacturer’s rep through onsite training, coaching and certification. In addition, we provide inventory redesign.

Partner process step 5

Partner and implement

With all partners in place, hospitals are fully transitioned in about four weeks. From there, we make sure you have the resources you need, when you need them—from on-site reps on a per diem basis, to virtual customer support, to remote access to our experts via Skype and FaceTime.

partner process step 6

Measure & expand

We have proven experience in establishing baselines for hospitals and tracking progress and reimbursement. Our semi-annual reviews evaluate an organization’s outcomes against the goals it set and help determine next steps.


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