Want More for Less? Replace Reps in Simple Cases

A recent study reports that many hospitals are taking steps to restrict manufacturers’ sales reps from the operating room (OR), yet many surgeons still rely on sales reps to make sure the OR is running smoothly through all stages of an operation. Vital tasks include making sure the correct trays are sterilized and ready and that all instruments are in order. The rep augments OR support, facilitates the flow of events and is familiar with the surgeon’s preferred methods.

For hospital leaders, reps are often an unwelcome presence. They can create distraction for teams and staff members and open opportunities for budget disruption. Even more, their basic services on uncomplicated primary hip and knee cases come at a steep price. The traditional functions of the rep—such as preparing the OR, maintaining instruments, and surgical consultation—can account for as much as $43 for every $100 spent.

However, with the right training and certification, hospitals can use existing OR staff to assist in surgical preparation in lieu of reps but at a much lower cost than those typically built into a vendor’s implant fee. This would also provide surgeons with a dedicated team—all at a savings to the hospital’s bottom line. Similarly, hospitals can save money by utilizing vendors to train staff to perform inventory management for far less than it costs to have a sales rep do it.

With Implant PartnersTM, support is always available if and when you need it with virtual customer support, remote access via Skype and FaceTime, additional clinical resources and reps on a per diem basis. Not to mention that Implant Partners also provides top quality hip and knee implants for prices 40-70% less than average current joint prices.

Change doesn’t happen overnight—and it doesn’t require heavy lifting on the part of hospital leaders. Implant Partners will manage the transition for you. We help hospitals and surgeons take back the OR through onsite training, coaching and the certification of surgical technicians and others so they can perform all the traditional functions of a manufacturer’s rep.

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Rep replacement model