Creating Value Partnerships

Many surgeons see value in having a sales rep in the OR. They rely on reps to make sure the OR is running smoothly and on time through all stages of an operation. As a result, many have formed close working relationships that make it difficult to see the advantages to alternative systems and devices.

One of the points we continue to stress to our clients and partners, as well as in our blog, is that medical implants and instruments alone aren’t enough to bring about the changes hospitals need to remain successful in this evolving healthcare environment. While it may be very easy to justify a rep replacement model in terms of dollars and cents, the real challenge lies in the system-wide changes and oversight that accompanies putting a new delivery system in place. From redesigning the OR, to restructuring the supply chain, to augmenting staff and realigning incentives—a successful endeavor requires a partner who understands the change dynamics and can create clinical and economic alignment between hospital and surgeon.

Our unique approach changes organizational culture by engaging all stakeholders and aligning their actions, values and incentives. For us, it’s much more than distributing devices and streamlining the supply chain. Instead, it’s all about providing a partnership.

We facilitate change through a six-step plan designed to help hospitals and surgeons partner and transition to a leaner, better way of doing business:

  • Evaluation: We evaluate a hospital’s specific patient category and procedural population to determine whether it’s a viable candidate for our business model.
  • Assessment: We assess current and anticipated needs, strategies, tactics and related organizational requirements for effective physician alignment.
  • Development: We create a success plan to facilitate change through a variety of tactics, including goal-setting, shared savings and staff development opportunities.
  • Training: Through training, coaching and certification, we enable members of the surgical team to carry out the functions of the manufacturer’s sales rep.
  • Implementation: Once all partners in place, we ensure you have the resources you need, when you need them—whether on-site or remotely via Skype and FaceTime. 
  • Expansion: We help evaluate an organization’s outcomes against the goals it has set to determine next steps and look for opportunities to expand product and service line.

Partnership requires mutual respect and trust. For any hospital-physician relationship to be successful, both sides must have influence over defining goals and sharing in the success that comes from meeting them. Schedule a demo today to find out more about how we can help you create value partnerships and enhance the efficiency and profitability in your OR.

Value-based care